Your Impact

If the population of people experiencing homelessness was 100 people


would be sleeping rough


would be under the age of 12


would live in homeless support centres


would be Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander


would be female


would live in severely overcrowded dwellings


would be born outside of Australia


would be under the age of 34


would live in NSW, QLD and VIC

What is ‘experiencing’ homelessness?

It is extremely rare for a person to end up homeless by choice. Instead, it is usually a result of a complex combination of unplanned and often tragic circumstances. At the core of homelessness is a disconnection from the society in which they live. Being homeless is not who a person is, just a point in time that they are currently ‘experiencing’.

Why is connection important?

People who experience homelessness are often disconnected from the community - this means there is less opportunity for human connection, something we all need, and support is harder to come by because disconnection from the community translates into disconnection from people and services that can help.

Where does my money go?

Orange Sky has 31 vans, two laundry pods, 1800 volunteers and hundreds of friends who rely on us to be at the same place at the same time every week.
The money you raise supports our vans to stay on the road and makes sure our volunteers have everything they need to do the things they do best.