Edmund Rice College Wollongong

By Judith Hurley Join Me

This year we are learning about Justice & Solidarity and the Sustainable Development Goals. We are fundraising  to help Orange Sky positively connect communities and to tackle Goal 1 - No Poverty and Goal 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing.
We are supporting Orange Sky and the friends who rely on their laundry and shower services by raising funds and awareness for homelessness. We are hoping to start conversations with people in our community.
In Australia, 1 in 200 people are experiencing homelessness and we want to raise funds to help those doing it tough, as a sign of solidarity.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Edmund Rice College



Well done for raising awareness for this important issue.


Tim Fenech


Balunn Simon


Clare Placek


Lucas Kirkland


Rafael Johns Murphy

we are taking part in the sleep out and this is our contribution to the community



Amazing organisation that helps so many people- great seeing you behind this one!


Miss Davey


Max Hemmy


Zachary Lum


Marley Flynn


Alkhataab El Hamad


Patrick Preeo

Good job lads