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Headed up by Don Scott, Team Orange Sky are participating in the Jetty2Jetty event on 17 July 2022 to help positively connect communities. They'll be completing the 3km.

You can join the Orange Sky Jetty2Jetty by clicking 'join me' on this page. Then, go to Jetty2Jetty's website, sign up and select Orange Sky Australia when prompted to join a team. 

Every dollar raised supports Orange Sky and the friends who rely on their laundry and shower services by raising funds and awareness for homelessness

In Australia, 1 in 200 people are experiencing homelessness and we want to raise funds to help those doing it tough.

Please note you must also sign up with Jetty2Jetty to be able to participate in the event. 

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Brett Jeppesen

Go hard, dorry I won't make the walk, out of town that weekend


Jacqui Lewis

Well done Don! Go well 😀👍👋🍊