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Make a contribution towards servicing our hardworking washers and dryers.
Help us recruit and train more volunteers to cover every shift.
Can provide friends like Jesús with a week of clean work uniforms.

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More need, more services, more support

Here at Orange Sky, we provide basic services that can sometimes be out of reach due to homelessness or hardship - free laundry, warm showers and non-judgemental conversation with everyday people who truly care. 

Our service is simple, yet it makes an immense difference in the lives of those who need it most. We don't want to see anyone going without clean clothes or a warm shower, but with the cost of living still rising, more and more people from all walks of life are unexpectedly finding themselves in a tough situation.

Friends like Jesús, a university student who works evenings, nights and weekends, and can barely cover his basic living expenses. The cost of living has increased so much that laundry services have become totally out of reach. 

“What I was doing before learning about Orange Sky was waking up super early and cleaning my clothes by hand every day in a small bucket. Then I would try and dry it as quickly as possible because I needed to wear those clothes that night or the very next day,” 

“It helps so much having this support. It helps me be presentable for new opportunities - my work, my studies – and to feel good within myself.”

More Aussies are facing hardship every day, and we need your support to expand our services and continue to reach those in need. With your donation, you can give showers, laundry and so much more to people doing it tough.

Photo above: Friend of Orange Sky Jesús holding his clean load of laundry at one of our shifts.

Your donation will go towards

Providing free access to laundry and shower services in metro, regional and remote communities across the country

Your kind gift today can help put fuel in our mobile laundry vans, keeping us on the road and supporting communities that need us.

Training over 2,500 compassionate volunteers who lend an ear to people doing it tough

People and connection is at the heart of everything we do. We need your help to find and train the incredible people who volunteer with Orange Sky and spend hours listening to friends in need.

Servicing the hard-working washers and dryers installed in our bright orange vans

With a substantial contribution towards the maintenance costs and replacements of our washing machines and dryers, you'll be helping thousands of people feel fresher and better about themselves.

More and more people are finding themselves in tough situations they never anticipated


Orange Sky is a simple service and we can’t fix homelessness alone. But fresh laundry, a shower and a warm and friendly chat can make a huge difference for someone doing it tough. When you support Orange Sky, you’re telling someone that you care. You help them in a really direct and human way.

Please dig deep and help care for all the people who too often feel disconnected from their community.

Orange Sky Co-Founder & CEO

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