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When hardship hits, we are here

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Provides clean laundry and a warm shower for a friend doing it tough
Gives two friends access to clean laundry and warm showers
Funds an Orange Sky shift at one of our 36 services across Australia

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With you, Orange Sky can be there when hardship hits

Often, it's the simple things that make the biggest difference. Clean clothes. A hot shower. A friendly chat.

Orange Sky’s free mobile laundry and shower service supports people who are experiencing homelessness or hardship, and provides a space for connection and conversation.

Orange Sky is there to support everyday Australians - no matter their circumstance.

You can help us be there for people when hardship hits.

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Meet one of our Orange Sky friends, Adam

Sadly, one of our Orange Sky friends, Adam hasn't had an easy life. After being made redundant, Adam experienced some time living on the streets and in-and-out of transitional living, before he was able to secure housing. Thankfully, whilst now in a place to call home, money is still tight. Being predominately wheelchair bound, doing laundry is a really challenging task for Adam.

"I can't pick up my washing," he tells us. "I can't walk with it or carry it. It's a lot work. I have to do things very slowly to make sure I don't fall over."

Being able to come to Orange Sky, and have his washing cleaned and dried is a huge relief for Adam. In fact - visiting Orange Sky has become an integral part of his weekly routine for a number of years.

"What Orange Sky does for the community, the way you help out a lot of people, me included, means a lot," Adam said.

*Names of some of the people featured have been changed for their privacy.

Meet one of our Orange Sky volunteers, Sue

Sue got involved with Orange Sky for a very simple reason.

"I thought, how cool would it be to have clean clothes if I was in that situation. I was blown away by the idea of [Orange Sky]."

Sue is one of our wonderful volunteers, and she's incredibly passionate, because she's seen how much of a difference the service makes for our friends doing it tough. She has spoken to people from all walks of life - and every week hears how just an unfortunate circumstance, a job loss or a disability can make simple tasks like washing and drying clothes, extremely challenging, and sometimes impossible.

"But seeing people, when they come out from a shower or put on clean clothes - their whole persona changes."

Orange Sky services are only possible thanks to the generosity of the community, and volunteers, like Sue.