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Please give a monthly donation to make sure Orange Sky's laundry service can always be there for people experiencing homelessness and hardship.

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Help us put fuel in an Orange Sky mobile laundry van to reach more people in need.
Help us find and train more volunteers to cover every shift.
Make a generous contribution towards new washing machines (ours work very hard).

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Sometimes, a fresh start begins with fresh laundry

For people doing it tough like Cass, accessing laundry and shower services can be hard. But you can make a difference.

You can provide people doing it tough with a warm shower, clean fresh laundry, and the knowledge that someone cares about them.

Please give a monthly donation to make sure Orange Sky's service can always be there, week in, week out, for people right across Australia.

Here are some of the ways your monthly donation can help

By giving monthly, you'll be helping us to plan and deliver free laundry, showers and genuine conversation across Australia. You’ll receive regular updates about how your gifts are used to make a real difference and the long-term impact of your support.
A photo of Cass, our friend, with her basket of laundry at an Orange Sky shift

$24 a month provides someone doing it tough with a clean load of laundry and a warm shower

A photo of Gemai, our friend, and her children at their local Orange Sky shift with volunteer Yvonne

$48 a month provides ongoing support for two people doing it tough, with clean laundry and a warm shower

A photo of a group of volunteers standing in front of an Orange Sky mobile laundry van
$80 a month will help expand the service to bring clean clothes and a warm shower to more people doing it tough

People like Cass rely on Orange Sky for clean clothes and a sense of community

But it's only possible thanks to kind donations from people like you.

Cass was a working single mum looking after two kids. Then sadly, she was diagnosed with cancer. And when Cass couldn’t afford her increased rental payments, she had no choice but to move into her car.

When Cass found Orange Sky over a year ago, her visits have become more than just the soap and water our washing machines provide.

“That opportunity to go in, get your clean clothes and a fresh shower, it's almost like winning the lottery,” says Cass. “I feel fresh and almost like a new person with my fresh clothes. And everything I save thanks to Orange Sky goes towards improving my life.”

There's definitely a social aspect too. Like I said, you come here, you get treated like part of the family. They're [Orange Sky volunteers] like your big aunties and uncles and brothers, sisters. You get very spoiled."

We can’t end homelessness alone, but you and Orange Sky can make a practical difference for people like Cass who are experiencing homelessness and hardship.

With a monthly donation you can give someone doing it tough the best feeling in the world – fresh clothes and a fresh start.

Photo above: Our friend Cass (left) and Orange Sky volunteer Jan (right) are laughing together at one of our shifts.