Orange Sky offers more than free laundry
and showers; we provide connection to
anyone experiencing homelessness,
doing it tough, or in need of support.


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provides clean laundry and a warm shower for a friend doing it tough
supports two friends with clean laundry, warm showers and genuine connection
enables a volunteer to provide two hours of genuine connection through conversation
supports an entire shift of free laundry, showers and genuine conversation

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“Orange Sky is important, not just in the service [you] provide, but the fact that you guys are there with no expectations. It’s unconditional help.

Going through the [February 2022 Queensland] floods firsthand and needing a service like Orange Sky, it was reassuring that there's organisations out there that are helping people on the ground.”

- Antonia, Ipswich Resident


Orange Sky supports people experiencing homelessness through our regular laundry and shower service, but we’re also here to help the community in times of crisis.

When life gets turned upside down, we support people who never thought they would need a service like Orange Sky.

Hardship is becoming harder to avoid for many Australians. With your support, we can continue to provide our essential service - without judgement or conditions - to anyone who needs it. No matter the circumstances.

Please, donate now.

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